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  2. It was my 25th visit to Berck according to the records that we have. Conditions were not forecast to be good but we survived the only one really wet day and mostly coped with the offshore wind spells. The NE winds were often pushed round to a northerly flow by the sea-land tendency. Conditions were not good for flying the JMH collection kites much of the time and there were space constraints. It is not good manners to occupy temporarily vacant space where tethered kites have landed… The large Delta kite was the one that proved very stable and with a small launch window so the obvious choice for the night fly on the final Saturday evening. Travel to and from Berck was straightforwards and the grid lock on the final Sunday afternoon did not materialise but we found that we had to queue in a holding process before being able to check in at Eurotunnel for the return crossing. Just a couple of repairs/finishing need to be done before repacking for Cervia. Re-bridling the Rev1 four stacks may have to wait until we are on site. I need to locate the rest of the spares. Felix
  3. Hi, and welcome to the forum. There's a few quad flyers in the Midwest and one in the Detroit area. Join the KiteLife forum also. Check the member maps here and over there for flyers nearest to you.
  4. Thanks for the response frob! The Lyon Township Kite Festival is where I saw Rev's for the first time! I will certainly visit that show and it will be fun to talk to them. I'll have to get their schedule while they are at the show! That field is where I went for my first flight and will certainly be back! I'll also have to look into SkyBurner Kites in Plymouth, thanks for the suggestion. I've noticed this Forum has been pretty quiet. Are there other forums and resources that Rev flyers use to share and communicate?
  5. I realize this is a really old thread, but I was looking to do something similar. I wanted to make some labels for my kite tube and I'd like to have the Rev logo on it. I would love to get permission and a copy of a vector art type logo I could use. I appreciate the help!!!
  6. If you're learning on your own without an experienced teacher, it could take a few hours of trial and error before you learn basic control. With a guide who knows how to teach, it can be much quicker. There are some kite people, including SkyBurner Kites located nearby, you could contact the stores to help you look for experienced people to fly with. If nobody chimes in from the region and you still can't find people, it looks like there is the Lyon Township Kite Festival on June 1 and 2. Often teams will arrive a few days early and spend time learning the field and practicing, that's a good time to get to know them, watch, and learn a few things.
  7. I'm a proud new owner of a Rev RX and just joined the forum. I live in the southeast Michigan area (South Lyon). I've been flying some 2 line kites for a few years now. I saw a Revolution demonstration at a local kite festival in my area. I was amazed and had to have one. I've been saving my pennies and finally got one for Christmas. I've been watching all the Club 38 videos and waiting for the weather to break! I finally got out to fly it. WOW, it was a challenge! I realized I have some two line kite habits to break. It's been fun but looks like a steep learning curve. Are there any other guys flying in the area? I'd love to watch and learn from some experienced flyers! Any words of wisdom!?
  8. Preparations rather than the clock change meant I did not get to Blackheath until 11:15am. Quite a steady ENE breeze so we did put up full vented 1.5s with green race. All very straightforwards so far! I hoped to test fly some of the JMH kites today and started with the Della Porta: Four rhomboids 1993. Not knowing this format of kite (same as Della Porta: 4 squares) I was anxious to find a way to manage the bridle initially and then move the kite to a safe launch point. The kite is 4 metres tall, (measurements still to be amended on the collection site) so I positioned the kite at right angles to the flying line stake point and sorted the bridle with the ‘comb’ that Jørgen had fitted. Then with a ‘helper’ on the line I gradually walked the kite into the wind window turning it upright up to the point that it was ready to launch. The frame of the kite which is somewhat flexible was supported by the bridle at all times. The kite launched and flew very well! <grins> Next up was a more complicated affair, the Double Malay stack 1994. As with the Double/Single Eddy stack 1989, the flying line was staked and the kites set up nose to the ground starting from the front of the stack. We encountered some difficulty with the tails during set-up as well as a final 3 sail ‘loop through’. Once set the whole stack was rolled to the ready position and as soon as the breeze was right the stack launched successfully. The stack was flown from the ‘control bar’ initially but we found that it was stable enough to stake the bar. To land and pack the stack was flown towards the edge of the window and pulled down by the flying line leaving all the tails to the downwind side. Spars were removed starting at the back of the stack and the kites progressively bundled together with the tails free. The tails were then looped together and bagged with the kites. We then flew the Revs for a quick called session to wrap up the days flying. I have to juggle kites and bags for transport to Berck but I think that we have test flown enough kites for that event and will have others to show at the Cervia event which follows very soon afterwards. Felix
  9. Indeed... not used to seeing comments here!
  10. The forecast indicated light NW breeze and some broken cloud. The breeze was just a bit too light for the Double / Single Eddy stack 1989. I had replaced the spreaders and found today that the main spars are very brittle which given that they are 30 years old is hardly surprising! Did some more bridle adjustments on the Della Porta: 4 squares but something is not quite right. Probably need to start from the beginning again! I did remember to take Rev handles but didn’t get a chance to use them. We need to ‘cadge a lift’ for one person travelling back from Berck on the evening of Sunday 14th April. We are two fliers down for Berck, one of them being a driver with vehicle! Felix
  11. Fortunately this was the one Sunday in March that Jacob was in London so we could start assessing the JMH kites. Ironically having been concentrating on selecting kites to try and additional equipment I had left my Rev handles at home. Spares were offered but I did not get to fly a Rev today! For those that did it was RSS sails which gives an indication of the wind speed, probably about 15mph I would guess. First up was a set of 6 banners. Now we remember why we don’t do banners at close quarters. Very noisy indeed, partly, I expect because the fabric is like new.! The late delta seemed to be a reasonably safe choice and was made with different line attachment points. The front most point seemed to work fine but the kite did need a reasonable length of line for it to be stable. Jacob flew the orange/purple Rokkaku from the bridle. Far too much wind really! Finally we set up the late Della Porta: 4 squares with two tails. We do not think that this kite was ‘finished’ and it currently has a bias to the right. I was surprised that it could be flown at all given the wind speed. We did have a celebratory Gammel Dansk at the start of proceedings today! Felix
  12. It was windy as forecast so I did not expect to be on site for long today. Soon after arriving there were relatively long spell where the RSS kites were quite comfortable. Gradually the length of the calmer spells shortened and so kites on the ground time increased. It did not feel as if anything was going to break but it was sufficiently uncomfortable flying so we called it a day at about midday. The Aarhus trip was straightforward but I have to go back to collect four more kites weighing in at just under 20kg/44lb in the skiboard bag. Might have to have a celebratory Gammel Dansk on Blackheath next Sunday, weather permitting! Felix
  13. The weather for the 10th March still does not look promising. We didn’t even try today given the rain and wind! All set for Aarhus, Wednesday. The prospect of so many unique kites to fly is a bit exciting. A whole new chapter, even. Felix
  14. Blue sky and sunshine in Hackney but heading towards the Blackwall Tunnel there was fog closer to the Thames with the tops of the Canary Wharf buildings appearing above it. Emerging from the tunnel south of the river it was fairly dense fog but at the top of the Sun in the Sands hill the sun was shining again in a blue sky. A light east north easterly breeze was only just perceptible when we arrived but it did strengthen gradually and switch to more easterly before the thermal activity really set in. Zens and CR sails with mostly green race worked most of the time. Some extended free flying with a musical accompaniment was interspersed with called sequences. Some of the free flying was very effectively using the full window as well as close interaction with some clear interpretation of the musical ‘mood’. I am booked to fly to Aarhus on Wednesday 6th March, returning on Friday 8th March so I will be watching the weather forecast for Sunday 10th March with particular interest. Felix
  15. Our arrival today coincided with the southerly breeze freshening somewhat so we eventually decided on full vented 1.5s with mostly race frames after having tried full sail and mid vents as well. The breeze was mostly c11mph but often more and with just the occasional lull. Full sunshine as well to the point that I was feeling that I had too many layers! Six up so mostly called and accompanied flying today. Steve Reich, Pat Metheny: Electric Counterpoint had an airing as well as some of the team pieces from recent years. We ended up with Steve Reich: Variations for Winds, Strings, and Keyboards which at 21:42 was a bit long, but none the less, an interesting experiment. Looks like I will be the one doing the Aarhus trip to collect the JMH kites. I am hoping that this can be arranged soon! Felix
  16. I keep a set of 240's in my bag. Inverted Side Slides on 240' lines are insanely cool.
  17. A brief visit today as the weather forecast was not really very helpful. In the event a 15mph westerly breeze occasionally dropped off but there was a considerable wind chill, feeling as if it was only just above freezing point. Occasional raindrops for most of the time until a settled band of rain arrived a bit before 1:00pm. RSS kites again and it was noted how much ‘lighter’ these are compared to other high wind formats. The lack of gauze is a definite benefit especially in damp/wet conditions! There was some neat close uncalled flying with just the occasional kite contact. The trailing edge of the band of rain abruptly gave way to sunny conditions back in Hackney. Felix
  18. It's fun and really different. I've flown on 250' lines but only once. There is not much advantage as far as getting up into the wind goes and control becomes weird. The kite's speed and response time slow down very much and the kite must lift the weight of the additional line. Not much advantage if the wind is slow or inconsistent to begin with because it is usually proportionally slow and/or inconsistent higher up. The longest lines I would think to be enjoyable (not a ton of work) would be 180 feet, with 150 being a more realistic choice. If you want an idea of how long lines change performance, just connect (larkshead) two 120-foot sets, or a 120 and an 80. 150 to 180 will give you a huge wind window without becoming laborious.
  19. I was thinking of making some really long lines. Somewhere around 200-250 ft. Is this a bad idea? I fly in an open field with no trees and nobody to hit with my kite if I lose control. I just figure it would get the kite into more steady winds. Please let me know if this is a bad idea and if so, why? Thank you for all the advice in advance.
  20. A light WSW breeze and mostly sunny session today. Zens with green race and a couple of CR sails were eventually a bit overpowered but to start it must have been 4mph, if that, ending with 7 or 8mph, I guess! Some excellent silent and close flying today along with relaxed called sequences and musical accompaniment. It might have been good for the stacks but I was intent on checking out the 100m of 2.5mm diameter red sleeved spectra with the large JMH Rokakku and especially the line grips that arrived during the week. It may take a bit of practical experience to figure out the best way to get the grips to engage but they certainly take line handling to a different level. It was a ‘from the hand’ launch of the 3m kite which is always amusing and while it might have been a bit risky the kite did handle the full line length and a walk down was required. Felix
  21. Blustery, chilly NW breeze, probably 15 gusting 30mph. Mostly cloudy, just the occasional burst of sunshine. RSS kites handled well, not too much of a struggle and of course dealt with the lulls. We noticed some pinching of the sails around the vertical spars which may have been due to the ‘springs’ being set on the inner of the spar rather than the outer side. Probably not of any importance but worth remembering if we decide not to use the springs… Further work on the web site this last week as I found the coding for handling an image library. https://www.felixmottram.com/decorators/pictures.html Pleased to be able to get a scaleable group of images all together with the option to isolate images in a ‘new tab’. Interesting to go back to some of the older images and find that the source prints really were not very good. Re-scanning is not an option so we’ll just have to accept them as they are. A work in progress:- https://www.felixmottram.com/decorators/olderpictures.html Felix
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    Hello, I'm new here and was wondering, where do I find the Members Map? If someone could give me a link or help me navigate there, that would be great. Thank you.
  24. The armor all and the talcum powder will both accumulate dust and dirt, and the talcum will probably cause the lines to bind sooner. It's meant to ease the friction caused on skin by cloth. If you use any kind of lubricant on your lines I would recommend a silicon or teflon spray with a medium that will completely evaporate quickly. The best way to keep your lines slippery is to wash them occasionally. I usually put the winder with the line well secured to it in a cotton drawstring bag in with the laundry when I do underwear, and don't use any softener. When the wash is done I put the line in for an additional rinse by itself. Once the lines get fuzzy from wear there isn't much you can do to keep them from binding. That's when you cut them down to shorter lines. The fuzziness shows up in the area where the lines cross most often and about 5 feet to either side.
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