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12/03/2017 Blackheath




The forecast for today was not good but the approaching front stalled during the morning so we did get to fly for a bit today.

Very little air movement as we walked onto the heath at about 10:30am.  We decided to fly first and then check kit ahead of Berck.  Full sails with diamond rods got us into the sky but little else. 

The kit check revealed almost all was in order.  Mostly green race leading edges in the vented kites.  Diamond leading edges in the full sails with black race uprights.  Four wraps in the Xtra Vents…


We ended up with kite lines at all points of the compass and as the few first spots of rain arrived decided to call it a day.  3 hours later it is still raining, albeit, lightly…





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I've kept my diamonds in my SUL, preferring bl. race in a std and mid. Then move to 3 wrap in a F/V and my green race in the X/V. Unless absolutely needed, I find the 4 wraps just a little too stiff for my liking!  I use a hybrid mixed frame in my Zen of - 2 wrap center, black race wingtips and the Zen verts with a set of "magic sticks" to limit flex.

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We have not gone down the 'magic sticks' route but I suspect that structurally it makes sense.  4 wrap in the Xtra Vents is an insurance policy.  We would switch to green race first and be prepared for other variations with the other sails as well.  The kit check was just to ensure that the basics were in place as Berck can offer the full range of possibilities...

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