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01/01/2017 Blackheath




The weather window looked a bit close today but we did manage to have a gentle fly under a changing high cloud base grey sky.  There was a shower on arriving and an occasional brightness from the sun.


It was  a light westerly breeze so full 1.5 sails with race, 2 wrap and diamond spars in the mix.


Traffic was noticeably light both ways today, no queue on the northern approach to the Blackwall Tunnel going home for a change.  The expected rain had settled in by 1:30pm in Hackney.  A dark afternoon…




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A half dozen of us braved the weather and found pretty nice conditions, New Year's day, out here in Portland,OR USA!

Short lines, stds or suls, and race rods were the combos used most by those there. Theresa, our local store owner provided coffee and donuts for us.

One short spot of rain mixed with snow happened, but didn't damper any spirits! The new year was kicked off in style!!

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