Colorizer (B-PRO and Zen)

Colorizer (B-PRO and Zen)

Below you’ll find our official colorizer for the B-Series Pro and Zen, now you can arrange your own colors and see how they look across the standard, mid-vent and vented models – it’s driven by HTML5 and easy to use, although it will benefit you to pay attention to the notes and instructions.

Once you have completed your design(s), simply send the deisgn to an email of your choice by clicking on the “Share” button.  You may forward that email on to most of our authorized dealers to place an order.

Quick guide:

  • Click a sail color (top section), then click individual sail panels to apply.
  • Click a logo color (bottom section), logo will change on the corresponding kite.
  • On the Extra Vent, vertical reinforcements can be white or black, buttons under the kite.
  • Take care when coloring the Extra Vent, there are a few small panels that can be easy to miss.


  • Cost may vary with more complex arrangements, or with a large number of total selected colors.
  • Standards come with white wear strips by default (recommended), but can be left off by request.
  • Logos other than black and white are an additional charge, inquire with your dealer for details.

Want to color a whole suite of PROs?
Fill in the Standard and click “Auto-fill” to apply universally.

To save your custom design:
Click “Share” to have your design URL emailed to you, please include it with your order.