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  1. awindofchange

    quarter inch spars

    The 1/4" spars are still being used for the Rev Classic, Rev 1, EXP models and for the Vertical rods on the Reflex. There is no change in production and no plans that I have heard that they are going to be discontinued. The new 5/16" spars for the Reflex XL and Reflex XX are for the leading edge of the Reflex and will not work with the older 1/4" caps. New caps are available for the Reflexr sized rods. The SLE rod is still available as they are used in the leading edges of the Speed Series and Power Series Rev's The 1/4" rods are still available in all wrap configurations as well. 2,3,4, Race and green Race. The 1/4" caps will work with the standard 1/4" rods and the SLE rods because it fits over the 1/4" rod but inside the SLE rod (5/8"). The 1/4" caps will NOT fit inside the new Reflex 5/16" rods so they can't be used. Hope that helps.
  2. awindofchange

    When to use Race Frame

    4 wrap would be stronger for those stronger winds. The race frame will work best on the lower end of the wind range (under 12 mph). Usually it all depends on just how hard the kite is pulling and how much flex your frame is taking. If the leading edge is bowing a lot, it is usually time to go to the stronger frame.
  3. awindofchange

    Rev outlets in the UK

    We ship worldwide. Not sure if the extra shipping charges would be that much of a bargain over purchasing from Kiteworld though.
  4. awindofchange

    Questions on first REV

    We are in North Salt Lake area, there are several parks out here that have decent winds. Foxborogh is a good one that usually isn't too busy and has plenty of winds. We have had a couple kite festivals there and they have turned out pretty good. Let me know what area you are in and maybe we can hook up and fly.
  5. awindofchange

    Questions on first REV

    The Reflex does have a different sized frame than the standard 1.5 series. If this is your first kite then switching frames doesn't really matter right now. If you are planning on getting several different types of Rev's then it may be a consideration. For light winds the Reflex is awesome and frame switching isn't that big of a deal...you probably will only need the one frame it comes with to cover winds from 2-3 mph up to 20 mph.Here in Utah the winds can be flaky so having a kite with a wide range is good. The Classic 1.5 does have the Reflex technology on it as well (Only the 3 wrap frame has the Reflex on it, all other sizes are standard). With the classic model you can get the travel frame as well as the 2, 3, 4 wraps and the Race or Diamond frames. At this time there is only the one frame option for the Reflex model. We can customize any frame requirements for you. Give Daelyn a call at the store and if you are in SLC, feel free to stop by and we can show you the different models. We have most in stock. www.awindofchange.com customerservice@awindofchange.com
  6. awindofchange

    First flight on my new Rev Reflex RX

    Matt, your progress is awesome to read and brings back so many memories. Looks like you are doing great and learning well. The more you fly the easier and more instinctive it becomes. Keep up the learning but never forget the fun factor, after all that is what really counts.
  7. awindofchange

    B2 revolution

    Yes, this was done for that reason, to reduce overall length when packaged. Some of the speed / power series kites have the same setup for the same reasons.
  8. awindofchange

    Super Spider! And more.

    You do realize that the Classic with standard verticals IS the exact same kite as the B-Series, but updated with folded leading edge, improved stitching on the trailing edge and wear strips right? It fits the same frames and everything. If you don't like the springs then just swap them out. We'll do that for you free of charge. Also, the Spider also has the Reflex technology on it....again, just swap the verticals and it is the exact same as the old models.
  9. awindofchange

    Super Spider! And more.

    The Reflex is a totally new design of kite, it is larger than the 1.5 series but not as big as the Rev 1. For this reason Revolution created a new frame for it because none of the others would be interchangeable. The frame is a new design with ultra high strength carbon that is also ultra light. If you want to have interchangeability, you can get the Revolution Classic model which is the same 1.5 size as all the previous models. It does come with the Reflex Technology which is the Reflex spring assembly on the two verticals, but the leading edge and the verticals are the same size just as they have always been. If you do change out the Reflex Verticals, you end up with the same flying kite as the original 1.5 / EXP / New York Minute / B-Series kites. What is awesome is that you can now have the Reflex verticals which gives a huge increase in performance, especially in light winds and it can also be launched from the dreaded dead launch position (Belly down, leading edge towards you). So Revolution did keep the interchangeability with the previous models by bringing out the Classic. The Reflex XS and XX are different sized which is why they have their own frames. Hope that helps clear some of that up.
  10. awindofchange

    Super Spider! And more.

    You can trim them down, but you want to be careful how you do that. The ends of the Rev rods are reinforced with added carbon to help prevent them from cracking where the ferule goes. If you trim them, you would want to trim ONE end only, and make sure that the trimmed ends is on the cap end of the leading edge so that the reinforced ends is towards the center where the ferules are. The verticals shouldn't matter as much. The Reflex XX and the Reflex RX uses a brand new designed leading edge (5/16"). This is not the older SLE rods but slightly smaller in diameter but larger than the normal 1/4" rods. Because of this new size, these rods are pretty exclusive and won't interchange with the others. You can't put in a 1/4" leading edge because the newly designed internal end caps will not fit. The new Revolution Classic uses the same rods normal rods as the other 1.5 series kites but does have the new Reflex Technology design, so the Reflex rods are different, but you can replace those with the older verticals and the kite now is just like the older models without the Reflex Tech. Reflex Verticals are the same rods as usual but have the Reflex spring tension and Velcro button installed on them. We have all the Rev rods in stock, all wraps, models and sizes.
  11. awindofchange

    Super Spider! And more.

    We should have these in stock pretty quick. Can't wait to get one out for myself. Very good looking kite!
  12. awindofchange

    Rev 1.5 Classic

    Not sure what you are referring to, can you clarify a little? The leading edge end reinforcement patches are sewn under the leading edge tube on the new models. Also, the end of the leading edges are now folded over and sewn inside so there is no longer the fraying issue that use to happen on the older models.
  13. awindofchange

    "New Pros"?

    As of right now the Pro option has been shelved. Main reason is so that Rev can focus on production of the new 2017 models and all the new Reflex Tech which has really burdened them down. As a side note, all the new Reflex models come with most of the "Pro" features such as folded leading edge ends, wear strips installed and detailed trailing edge sewing. Custom colors are not available though, maybe in the near future. Not quite what the Pro's were, but at a much better price.
  14. awindofchange

    Rev 1.5 Classic

    Awesome, it was an excellent show, the new Rev's are pretty amazing. They all have wear strips installed now too, the last picture there is the new end cap design for the Reflex. It is an insert that goes inside the rod and fits very snug and is much smaller than the caps were. As mentioned above, all the new models have the Reflex technology (reflexology??), even the EXP. Of course you can just add the older style rods to make them like the older design (no reflex effect) but once you get use to how the Reflex works I think you will prefer it all the time. The edge control is amazing and the float is way awesome too. When loaded the sail performs just like the old design with all the precision and speed. Thanks for putting up the pics Monkey! You gotta get your Reflex out and try it, I think you will be amazed. Just to clarify as well, the Reflex is a bit larger in size than the 1.5. The 1.5 Reflex is the same size as the Classic/1.5/EXP and New York MInute. All rods are interchangeable with the 1.5 Reflex, the full sail Reflex has it's own special Reflex rods. P.S. I also have much more information on Club38 which I will put up in a bit.
  15. awindofchange

    Do I really need a 2-wrap frame?

    It really depends on your wind conditions. The two wrap is the lightest frame and is really good for those ultra light wind days. Personally, if you are not flying in light winds then you may want to choose the Race Frame for your second frame. It is just a little heavier than the 2 Wrap but it is also stronger so it isn't as fragile. Most pilots like the Race Frame. With the EXP and the B-Series with the Race Frame, you would then have a Race Frame, a 3 Wrap Frame (EXP FRAME) and a 4 Wrap Frame which would give you a great variety and wind range. Hope that helps.