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      Greetings, we've received notice of a few forum members soliciting other users for specifications on some of the Revolution kites... Please be advised, any such confirmed activity will result in immediate suspension of forum privileges. Making your own Rev style kite for artisitic purposes is admirable, but directly copying the patterns in use will not be encouraged here.


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  1. When to use Race Frame

    I purchased a B-Series Rev mid-vent Kite that came with a 3-wrap and Race frames. I've been using the 3-wrap and enjoying the heck out of it. I tend to fly when it's 10+ mph, never in light wind. (I just like the pull of a kite in stronger wind). My favorite wind is 15-20. Should I try the race frame? Is it too fragile for 10mph +? Will the kite fly ok? or should I be looking into getting a 4-wrap for the wind that I like to fly in?
  2. Hi All, I'm new to this forum and new to flying Revs. My first EXP is on the way and I'm already thinking of buying a full-vent B Series for 20+ winds which we get very often here in South Texas. Here's my question: The EXP will have a 3-wrap, the B Series comes with a 4-wrap and I have a choice of a 2nd frame. Should I get a 2-wrap to fly the EXP in light wind or should I just get another 3-wrap to keep on hand? BTW, I won't be flying the B until I've mastered the EXP. I'm totally excited to be part of the Rev Crowd!!