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  1. makatakam

    Handle size for rev ll ?

    Cool. Glad to hear you got some air time in. What length of handles are you using? I prefer 11-inch for the II-sized kites, but 13's should be ok, just keep the input gestures mild. Replace the bungee. If it's from the 90's it definitely needs to be replaced since rubber disintegrates quickly. It's 1/8 inch diameter and not expensive. It'll take you an hour or two but is well worth it. You'll be amazed at how much control you'll gain when you have some shock absorption to compensate for wind gusts. When you are laying out the lines don't worry about all the twists you see in the lines. Most of them are not really there. Just hook up the kite and handles and put tension on the lines. Voila, 99.9% of them disappear. The one or two that remain can be easily removed at the handle end by shuffling the handles around and through each other.
  2. makatakam

    Whats the difference?

    The difference is 110 pounds , and that's because of the greater number of panels and some design features which both increase the amount of labor involved. The EXP is built for price point, intended for beginners and/or those who are not sure if they will really get into it. They will both fly and feel the same to a flyer who is new to quad-line kites, but the 1.5 Classic has performance and durability advantages over the EXP, so if you are sure you're going to continue flying and can afford the difference without hurting your pocketbook, go for it. The other option is to get one of the older discontinued 1.5 B-Series, on eBay or from a kite shop that still has old stock, either new or used. There are other quads available which are nearly identical in general shape and performance, but be aware that you will get what you pay for. Anything new for less than 120 pounds will cause you grief. If you have no brick and mortar kite shop in your vicinity, you can purchase on-line. There's quite a few in NW Europe that handle quads of all sorts. Oh, and welcome to the forum. Have fun, smile and don't forget to breathe.
  3. makatakam

    quarter inch spars

  4. makatakam

    Happy Easter to my fellow kitefliers

    Happy Easter everyone.
  5. makatakam

    Delighted EXP newbie on NC coast

    Hi, fwimmer, and welcome to the forum. Join us on the KiteLife forum also. Your experience with the dual-line probably helped a lot. It takes most people a bit longer to get comfortable with a Rev. Some people have a very hard time with it, struggling for quite some time before it "clicks". I'm glad that you are able to begin the journey so quickly -- and it is a journey, very much like the one you are on with your Jazz. There's so much you can do. The easiest way to learn new stuff is to try to feel it. In other words, don't overthink what you're trying to accomplish. Plus with the quad you can control the speed of the kite precisely. Doing things slowly until you build up the muscle memory is one advantage of quads. Good luck on your journey. Smile, have fun and don't forget to breathe.
  6. makatakam

    New York Minute Is Alive

    @onyx Can you be more specific? I'll answer your questions if I can.
  7. makatakam


    Hi, onyx. Good to have you aboard. I look forward to flying with you someday. If you are new to flying and/or have any kite-related questions, ask and we will do our best to help.
  8. makatakam

    Congratulations to Fletch (James Fletcher)

    Congratulations, Fletch!
  9. Fishing, fossil hunting and target shooting. Oh, I forgot one: drinking beer.
  10. makatakam

    Global Rev Count.

    -1 (13) Rainbow Radical gone.
  11. makatakam

    Is It Time?

    Please have Revolution send me one of each model and variation. I will send photos electronically in whatever format you prefer the same day I receive the kites. Thank you.
  12. makatakam

    Is It Time?

    I'll take a look. Thanks.
  13. makatakam

    Is It Time?

    Most kite shops show the B-Series, but it has been discontinued. I would like to be able to look at currently made models -- as in manufacturer's catalog. I don't want to see discontinued models. I don't want to hear that there are some "not shown here" or "photo not available". I want to see everything they are making.
  14. makatakam

    B2 revolution or reflex

    Not good or bad, just different. You probably won't really notice much of a difference until you have 100 to 200 hours of experience. Which one you may prefer eventually is anyone's guess at this point. Too many variables to consider, and it will depend on the type of flying style you develop. It's a lot like asking which is better, blue or yellow. You may eventually prefer red over both of them.
  15. makatakam

    Is It Time?

    Is it time to update the forum header showing the evolution of Revolution Kites, showing the models and year of inception beyond 2010? In addition, I would like to view the entire line-up of current production models somewhere, including descriptions and specifications. Is that something that is in progress?