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    Hi guys In the month August we published the following video clips: 28 August: MI 09 – Clock Tower - COMPULSORIES FIGURES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EJG_X8iKFc&index=148&list=PLrcalCNHjNMuWLNRhU3Du_lMaIKcjQgIC for download: http://www.stackitalia.com/videofly4fun/137-fly4funcompulsoryfigures.html 28 August: MI 27 - Up, Down, Up - COMPULSORIES FIGURES (new one) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eaq8ExCsP6k&list=PLrcalCNHjNMuWLNRhU3Du_lMaIKcjQgIC&index=154 for download: http://www.stackitalia.com/videofly4fun/137-fly4funcompulsoryfigures.html 28 August: Flic Flac in pair - MASTER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czx_r5By4RY&index=123&list=PLrcalCNHjNMuWLNRhU3Du_lMaIKcjQgIC for download: http://www.stackitalia.com/videofly4fun/103-fly4funmasterenglish.html have a nice flight Guido
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    2017 AKA Grand National Championships are over and the newest king of the wind is Fletch now, having won both the indoor single line and open (Indoor unlimited), as well as Freestyle (OIOU). He also came in second in MMB to Jon Trenepohl and together with his flying partner Melissa Harpster won the Pairs Multi-line Ballet too! It was my honor to witness his activities, an amazing journey in less than half a decade. His hard work & practice really showed, but you can't teach stage presence and he had that all on display in spades. His revs of choice for comps? The indoor and reflex RX models. Excellent job buddy and congrats!
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    Some of us were south of the river yesterday afternoon/evening for the Devonshire Road Nature Reserve event… Blackheath today was looking very ‘summer’ dry. The surface was crunchy underfoot not least because I have full hearing after a month of cotton wool and eardrops. Zens and CR sail today mostly green race, a great combination! The circular nature of the wind direction kept us guessing as did the drying flowerheads and their propensity to snag lines at launch. We all succumbed at one time or another. Not a lot called today but we did have the sound sticks in action… Terry Riley and Steve Reich again. Felix
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    Delivery of the new Rev sails occurred on Monday 9th April. 41 Rev kites were duly packed ready for Berck and Cervia. We had an excellent four days in Berck. The 20 square meter parafoil flew beautifully, initially just from the bridle point, hand held, and later on the 100m x 5.00mm spectra which was wonderful to handle, and again, basically hand held. Our older (to us) parafoil needs some tuning. The new ‘1.5 proportioned Rev 1 format sail’ with green race rods worked very well indeed. It was ‘out of the bag’ and straight into an arena spot there! The mid vented JMH sails definitely filled the gap between the 1.5 sail and the full vented. Just what we needed. The wind today, Tuesday, was not as strong as forecast so we did not get to fly the RSS (Reflex Super Spider). 'Rest day' tomorrow than flying Heathrow to Bologna on Thursday ahead of 10 festival days in Cervia… Felix
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    No way. my flying has been limited due to some health problems and a lot of life changes as well.I do fly my back yard.those who know me know my backyard. to comfort my brain of my everyday stresses .this is one of the things that I can never stop as a true kite addict that I am ..I flew my stallion yesterday and it still looks so beautiful in the wildwood skies.i still have my ol skool rev bag that is always by my side..one kite in my bag that my daughter loves Is my pink kitty ..not more then me however.im forever greatiful for all of you who enjoy the winds as much as I do.the photo here us in 2006 when I got my stallion..today it's still flying as well as always.one thing for sure I never forget all of you who I have flown and got to know as true friends I hope to hear from you all I miss you guys and girls of my flying family ..just wait my son Ethan is ready to fly as he has caught the rev fever
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    What's up my fellow fliers I have been down and out for a while I had some life issues but I'm still here now that I'm back on my feet my son and I have been flying he is getting good on the revs and this year in wildwood I hope to have him and I on the beach flying ..It's such a great thing to see after all these years of flying to be doing it next to my first born ..nothing like it ..I have flown next to many but nothing like my little man who I hope will carry my love of flying into the future ..for those who know my stallion is now 12 years old and still flying strong I miss all of you and drop me an e mail. Revblast38@gmail.com. love and smooth winds to you all
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    Dear kite friend, After a full nine years of development STACK Italia is delighted to publish FLY 4 FUN, a video about how to fly the Revolution sport kite. This is a video tutorial with slow motion clips, released with audio commentary in English plus subtitles, or in Italian. You can watch it or download it for free. This video aims to spread the sport worldwide. In many ways this project is born already fully mature. There are some precision exercises that could have been done in a more accurate way. There are some mistakes in English translation and, obviously, my English pronunciation is “very Italian”. Despite these defects I believe this video offers some valuable lessons. I wish very much to thank all the people who believed in this project and have given me their practical support through all the years. You can download the video clip INTRODUCTION for free at www.stackitalia.com or watch it on youtube at http://www.youtube.com/StackItalia. In a few days I will inform you when we will begin to publish the first video-exercise clips. Thank you, ciao and have fun Guido Maiocchi (STACK Italia A.S.D.)
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    Just wanted to say how much I absolutely loved my very first Rev EXP yesterday. The wind was a bit sporadic and gusty, so the conditions weren’t quite ideal for a first attempt. My first 10 minutes or so were pretty sketchy. In fact, I was beginning to think I’d bit off a bit too much, having only flown a small 2-line stunt kite (Prism Jazz) previously. Finally, after about 15 minutes, everything just kind of clicked and I was amazed at how comfortable I was with my new Rev. Two hours flew by, and by the end of, I felt remarkably confident and comfortable flying. No doubt, I still have so much to learn, but couldn’t believe the EXP was truly as easy to fly — and every bit as fun — as reported online. Thank so much for making such a wonderful kite. I can’t wait for my next opportunity to get out there and gain some more skills. Meanwhile, my very first experience with a Rev was an exhilarating afternoon that I’ll never forget.
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    Hi, fwimmer, and welcome to the forum. Join us on the KiteLife forum also. Your experience with the dual-line probably helped a lot. It takes most people a bit longer to get comfortable with a Rev. Some people have a very hard time with it, struggling for quite some time before it "clicks". I'm glad that you are able to begin the journey so quickly -- and it is a journey, very much like the one you are on with your Jazz. There's so much you can do. The easiest way to learn new stuff is to try to feel it. In other words, don't overthink what you're trying to accomplish. Plus with the quad you can control the speed of the kite precisely. Doing things slowly until you build up the muscle memory is one advantage of quads. Good luck on your journey. Smile, have fun and don't forget to breathe.
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    This setup is effective. I uses 2 1W 140lm LEDs on each side on "magic sticks", each LED pair is powered by a 10440 3.7v 600mAh protected LiPo Battery. About 40mn usage before changing the batteries. I have yet to find a way to light up the center of the sail but the billow does not help. Mine are home made in France... Mario Di Lucca in Vancouver BC builds a similar setup. Easy to make if you can do simple electronics oldering (use a 1.5ohm resistance in series with each LED)
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    Hi all, In the month October we published the following video clips: 15 October: COMBINATION Slide Axel + Dark Side – MASTER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctGpj0wT1cw&list=PLrcalCNHjNMuWLNRhU3Du_lMaIKcjQgIC&index=124 http://www.stackitalia.com/videofly4fun/103-fly4funmasterenglish.html 15 October: MI 35 - Two Rings - COMPULSORIES FIGURES (new one) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9l-iSPoie-s&list=PLrcalCNHjNMuWLNRhU3Du_lMaIKcjQgIC&index=158 http://www.stackitalia.com/videofly4fun/137-fly4funcompulsoryfigures.html ciao ciao Guido
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    another wrong post !! I don't know why my pc is no able to COPY AND PASTE a text on this topic ?? I will try again in the next days sorry guido
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SSE breeze today, probably 10mph and upwards, not that I measured it, so full vents with race rods of various flavours. The approaching weather front which affected the rest of the country N,S and W looked threatening with slate grey clouds but the forecast held good and there was no rain on Blackheath while we were there! No calls again today, end of season discussions about recent events and thoughts about priorities for next year took precedence. We will not plan a formal team trip to Fanø next year as Cervia and Dieppe should be our main focus… Felix
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    Westerly breeze today, often dropping away as thermals passed by in the sunny spells. Full sails with diamond LE and race uprights were just fine. No calls today as after the last two weekends Ashley was taking a break. I was almost doing the same (break wise) as taking delivery of a not ‘new’ car has been slightly delayed. We may venture further afield next weekend subject to transport arrangements and weather conditions. In the meantime I will be looking out for reports from Long Beach <grins> Felix
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    Is it time to update the forum header showing the evolution of Revolution Kites, showing the models and year of inception beyond 2010? In addition, I would like to view the entire line-up of current production models somewhere, including descriptions and specifications. Is that something that is in progress?
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    Please have Revolution send me one of each model and variation. I will send photos electronically in whatever format you prefer the same day I receive the kites. Thank you.
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    Not good or bad, just different. You probably won't really notice much of a difference until you have 100 to 200 hours of experience. Which one you may prefer eventually is anyone's guess at this point. Too many variables to consider, and it will depend on the type of flying style you develop. It's a lot like asking which is better, blue or yellow. You may eventually prefer red over both of them.
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    Please remember, the string is like the tires on your souped-up sports car. That darn thing is no fun to drive without traction and a flat is even worse, it won't even move. Tires wear out, the harder you drive the quicker they need to be replaced. Baby it around for an hour only on Sundays and if it's sunny?, it will last your entire lifetime. Doing burn-outs and racing away from every intersection? Then you'll need to order another set this summer. Racing it around the track every day? You better have extra sets of tires string with you at all times, as you might need it after lunch. I replace 50#/100' flying lines at least there times per year (flying on it about ten hours per week, average), but I'm hard on jewelry punching stop signs, so imagine how a kite is treated by an abusive flailer.such as myself. I am NOT a positive role model!
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    many folks like that kite on handles appropriately sized (short), like maybe 9 inches or less (across the gap between the two attachment points), but my first quad-lined coach (Jeffery Burka) flies his on handles of 19 inches, basically you take off the bottom hog ring and slip in a piece of carbon tube, butted against the curvature and held in place with vinyl electrical tape. The end cap of a Rev is epoxied onto the end of the carbon insert so you have an easy attachment point. Jeff flies his without a bridle too,... and upwind, and one handed without looking at the kite. so the easiest answer is ,.... do what feels best to you! My Rev/B2 flies on 13 inch no-snag handles with less than 80 feet of line of flying line so I can throw and catch it. Modified too, it has a Race Frame, micro-carbon magic sticks and a french bridle,.... everything is available from Flying Smiles kites in NC, just a visa card away!
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    Hey all, just a quick note here to say HEY! The forum is BACK! Everything should be as it was and I have found no issues due to the migration to it's new home. The rules remain the same, play nice with people. I really felt strongly that this forum needed to live on and thus, this motivated me to step in and get this handled. I joined this forum TEN YEARS AGO and I am proud to act as the admin for it now. Thanks to everyone who helped, and let's get back to business eh? Do let me know if you run into any issues. peace, David Hathaway
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    There is a short line to remember if doing a switch in the field or on a beach: "Little through big, big through little!" . That will help you remember how to join the 2 parts together and get that hinge between the vertical leg and the horizontal leg.
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    I am adding a few images to show how a 1.5 bridle is fitted to compliment Watty,s excellent video on "Bridle Replacement" ! Don,t forget, vertical behind horizontal. You should be able to print copies if you require to ! Please add more/better images if you have them. Hopefully a picture is worth a thousand words! This is my old EXP with rods fitted. Bill This also applies to the Rev 1 and Rev II
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    The reason for the different handles is because the speed series flies so much faster and quicker than the 1.5 or the Rev 1. Flying the speed series on longer handles makes it a lot harder to control and much easier to over-control it. Shorter handles help tame the kite down and keep it in control. Rev supplies each of their kites with what they have researched to be the best accessories for the average flier. Giving a Shockwave or Supersonic to a complete beginner is very tough, now throw in super long handles and it makes it even more difficult. An advanced pilot will probably be able to adjust their flying technique to adjust to the difference in handle lengths, a beginner will not even know how to do that and may become frustrated with the kite and give up (this usually happens right after shattering the leading edge). Just as an example, try flying your 1.5 on 3 inch handles..... You should already see the problem without even trying it. Just not enough throw to get the control, the kite probably wouldn't even turn. Super long handles can also cause a problem. In the hands of a beginner extra long handles will cause massive over-correction and over flying the kite (wing tip flip-overs) which will lead to frustration. In the hands of an experienced pilot extra long handles can be very nice, especially for flic-flacks, axles, and overall precision control. In the world of Rev's, there isn't just one super wazoo setting that is the best of everything and will fit everyones flying styles. Thus the reason for different handles, different line lengths, different models, different spars, etc... The beauty of the Revolution kites is that Revolution acknowledges the different flying styles of their customers and makes customized options to fit those flying styles. I am sure that Rev would much rather sell everyone a standard, Vented, and SUL in each style of Rev, but instead they produce different spars just so you can customize your kite for your area/flying style. This doesn't mean that everyone in the world will need to do what you have done, it just means that with some simple additions, you can get the exact Rev you are looking. Different handles are just another way to customize your Rev to fit your style. Some may prefer longer or shorter handles, or the supplied ones will work perfectly for them and not even bother changing it at all. Generally speaking, the speed series rev's fly better on shorter handles, the others fly better on longer handles. Again everyone is different and if you like to fly different than the general public then no problem! If it works for you, do it. One of the most looked over areas of the Rev's is adjusting the kite to your own personal flying style. Don't be afraid to experiment with your Rev pigtails, handle lengths, line lengths, different spar combinations, etc... You may just find out that a little adjustment/change will make your favorite kite all that much bettah!!! Hope that helps.