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    Some of us were south of the river yesterday afternoon/evening for the Devonshire Road Nature Reserve event… Blackheath today was looking very ‘summer’ dry. The surface was crunchy underfoot not least because I have full hearing after a month of cotton wool and eardrops. Zens and CR sail today mostly green race, a great combination! The circular nature of the wind direction kept us guessing as did the drying flowerheads and their propensity to snag lines at launch. We all succumbed at one time or another. Not a lot called today but we did have the sound sticks in action… Terry Riley and Steve Reich again. Felix
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    I am adding a few images to show how a 1.5 bridle is fitted to compliment Watty,s excellent video on "Bridle Replacement" ! Don,t forget, vertical behind horizontal. You should be able to print copies if you require to ! Please add more/better images if you have them. Hopefully a picture is worth a thousand words! This is my old EXP with rods fitted. Bill This also applies to the Rev 1 and Rev II