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      Greetings, we've received notice of a few forum members soliciting other users for specifications on some of the Revolution kites... Please be advised, any such confirmed activity will result in immediate suspension of forum privileges. Making your own Rev style kite for artisitic purposes is admirable, but directly copying the patterns in use will not be encouraged here.


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    Hi guys In the month August we published the following video clips: 28 August: MI 09 – Clock Tower - COMPULSORIES FIGURES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EJG_X8iKFc&index=148&list=PLrcalCNHjNMuWLNRhU3Du_lMaIKcjQgIC for download: http://www.stackitalia.com/videofly4fun/137-fly4funcompulsoryfigures.html 28 August: MI 27 - Up, Down, Up - COMPULSORIES FIGURES (new one) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eaq8ExCsP6k&list=PLrcalCNHjNMuWLNRhU3Du_lMaIKcjQgIC&index=154 for download: http://www.stackitalia.com/videofly4fun/137-fly4funcompulsoryfigures.html 28 August: Flic Flac in pair - MASTER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czx_r5By4RY&index=123&list=PLrcalCNHjNMuWLNRhU3Du_lMaIKcjQgIC for download: http://www.stackitalia.com/videofly4fun/103-fly4funmasterenglish.html have a nice flight Guido
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    2017 AKA Grand National Championships are over and the newest king of the wind is Fletch now, having won both the indoor single line and open (Indoor unlimited), as well as Freestyle (OIOU). He also came in second in MMB to Jon Trenepohl and together with his flying partner Melissa Harpster won the Pairs Multi-line Ballet too! It was my honor to witness his activities, an amazing journey in less than half a decade. His hard work & practice really showed, but you can't teach stage presence and he had that all on display in spades. His revs of choice for comps? The indoor and reflex RX models. Excellent job buddy and congrats!
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    Dear kite friend, After a full nine years of development STACK Italia is delighted to publish FLY 4 FUN, a video about how to fly the Revolution sport kite. This is a video tutorial with slow motion clips, released with audio commentary in English plus subtitles, or in Italian. You can watch it or download it for free. This video aims to spread the sport worldwide. In many ways this project is born already fully mature. There are some precision exercises that could have been done in a more accurate way. There are some mistakes in English translation and, obviously, my English pronunciation is “very Italian”. Despite these defects I believe this video offers some valuable lessons. I wish very much to thank all the people who believed in this project and have given me their practical support through all the years. You can download the video clip INTRODUCTION for free at www.stackitalia.com or watch it on youtube at http://www.youtube.com/StackItalia. In a few days I will inform you when we will begin to publish the first video-exercise clips. Thank you, ciao and have fun Guido Maiocchi (STACK Italia A.S.D.)
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    another wrong post !! I don't know why my pc is no able to COPY AND PASTE a text on this topic ?? I will try again in the next days sorry guido
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