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  2. JB how the devil are you young man.Well i hope,check that new image pal.Youve got the red nose and ONE yellow ear.Reminds me of a toy bear .See ya at St Annes Champ.

    Big Bri


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    Forum Upgrade

    Man its quiet on here these days Monkey.Anybody still breathing.Site looks fine btw. Just shocked how things have changed in such a short time.I still wont use spell checker.I am trying Facebook,but i dont like it.Someone may just come along and Boom.100% increase in user traffic. Stay well Monkey. Big Bri
  5. Big Bri Pork Pie

    12/08/2018 After Portsmouth

    Hello Felix. Still showing them how its done i see.Nice to read your report on here.Seems quiet these days.Facebook i am told is the way.Dont like it,trying it,but its still The Devil. Ashley looks well and hes grown a bit. Stay well and be lucky Felix. bbpp ps, Tell Dave Ellison he looked tierd to me at Exmouth. Take it easy,
  6. Travel to Portsmouth was a bit dramatic for some of the team with repeated torrential downpours. The event on Saturday was very well attended. We set up close to the War Memorial as the 'other' end of the south side of the arena was dominated by ‘commercial operations’. Not Zens were used extensively early in the day but the JMH mid vents came into play later… Sunday was going to be wet but we had a narrow window in which to get prepared before the rain started. It was a ‘one-kite’ day, that being the mid vent. It did get very wet on site but by the end of the afternoon we were actually able to pack everything ‘dry’. Interesting to meet with fliers who had originally met the team in Germany in 1989… Felix
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  8. After last weekend’s respite we were back to high summer today. Intermittent light breeze from the SE generally but switching 90 degrees to either side. No sign of the swifts which is what I would have expected… Zens and CRs again but I set up some 15 inch clipless handles on a new set of lines. The increased brake provided felt very ‘familiar’ so walking ‘fast’ downwind in a very light or no wind situation was now ‘possible’ with the larger sail. I can now see that limiting the ‘forwards’ option, (more brake) prevents the sail load spilling in light wind and can appreciate that it would be very difficult to hit a ‘close to’ full sail loading just by feel! The full vented JMH 1.5s LEs have been checked and oversewn where necessary. The re-sewn JMH Not Zen sail arrived from San Diego so everything is ready for Portsmouth. The weather forecast for next weekend is cooler and maybe a bit wet! Felix
  9. awindofchange

    Help with a Sail...

    Give Daelyn an email at Customerservice@awindofchange.com. We have some sails in stock and can get you any replacement sail you need.
  10. Capgun

    Help with a Sail...

    Hello. Been flying Revs since 1988. I have an original Neos Omega, and the sail is completely wind blown of course, after countless hours of flying. I've retired the sail, and hung it on a wall in my hobby room. The frame is in near mint shape still, and it's the 4 wrap graphite spar type. Is there any way I can just buy a new sail from you guys? I hate to see a good frame just sitting here, getting no use. Thanks!
  11. Felix


    The long hot dry summer spell ended this weekend and the Blackheath regulars decided to take a break rather than cope with potential transport difficulties, rain and high wind. It does appear that ‘summer’ will return shortly so we should be on site as usual on 5th August for final ‘preparation’ ahead of the Portsmouth event the following weekend. I probably need to tackle LE degradation on the nearly 10 year old full vented JMH 1.5s in the meantime. They are next on the list for re-making but we may need to postpone that until the end of 2019! Felix
  12. makatakam

    Rev XX Kite

    Except for wind range the differences between the two are quite subtle. Without many, many hours of experience you most probably would be hard pressed to tell the difference. A Rev flies like a Rev. Changes in bridling, panel layout, frame selection, sail material, leading edge mesh and a multitude of other things change the characteristics slightly, but not enough to force one to relearn the game. Once you can fly a Rev you can pretty much fly any Rev, assuming sufficient wind for the model you want to fly. Not really something to agonize over when you're just starting out. My recommendation for all beginners is to get a standard (not vented) sail and stay well within the recommended wind range until you have mastered basic control. Of course, nobody does this, and therefore it takes longer to learn but you do have more fun and sometimes frustration.
  13. REVflyer

    Rev XX Kite

    you'd need probably both to cover their very different wind ranges, heck there might even be a kite in-between these two I don't have the spider but do own an XX
  14. Nigel GF

    New 2018 Rev KItes worth the purchase.

    OK, Thanks for the Info
  15. Nigel GF

    Rev XX Kite

    Hi as anybody flown the Rev Reflex XX, just interested in how it performs really against the Reflex Spider.
  16. REVflyer

    Favorite Revs?

    if I could one keep one kite it would be a Zen (w/those original diamond spars all the way around).
  17. makatakam

    Favorite Revs?

    I have reconsidered. I must now say that my favorite Revs are the ones I still have in my bag.
  18. makatakam

    New 2018 Rev KItes worth the purchase.

    Hi, Nigel. We met on the KiteLife forum. Many of the new Revs feature the new Reflex technology, which gives a 3-dimensional shape to the sail, and the degree of this varies with the amount of air pressure on the sail. It helps in lower wind and changes the flight characteristics in a few other ways. It's neither better or worse in any respect, just different. You may like it. You may not. It does what it does. Find someone who has one and try it. As you know, I have stated that there is no "perfect kite" that will instantly make you a pro. However, the more different kinds you try, the better you will get and the better you will understand what makes them fly the way they do. I love broccoli. Most people don't. Most people like chocolate. Many don't. What's the easiest way to find out? Try it. If you're interested, buy one. Give it some time to grow on you. If it ends up sitting in your bag too long, you can sell or trade, or even give it to someone who's getting into quads but can't afford one. I've done it. Many times with many different kites for ten years now. The reflex springs can be disabled so the kite can be flown as the older Revs did. This makes the kite more versatile. The sail panel layout is obviously different, and does affect flight characteristics that an advanced flier will notice. Again, whether this suits your style and level of experience depends on how much you fly. I say: "If you have the talent and sufficient wind, you can fly a brick."
  19. Just a quick question, I have Rev 1.5 SLE Vented and a John Barresi B Signature Series Rev which I have flown for a while now; I just really would like to know how the Newer models fly compared to my two revs I own, and is it worth me buying the newly designed 2018 kite ? Any comments would be greatly appreciated on this subject. Thanks Nigel
  20. Mostly high cloud today with an intermittent WNW breeze. Zens and CRs again but from the outset the occasional stronger breeze moments were really at the top end of the comfort range with green race spars. There was some direction shifting but only through a c120 degree arc. Some further conversation today about the elusive sound tracks, both for the team and the ‘post Moscow’ project. I am hoping that a re-sewn sail will turn up in time for Portsmouth. Why is it that these arrangements always seem to get pushed to the wire? Felix
  21. An almost cloudless dark blue sky today with an occasional 2-3 mph breeze from the South West. At other times it was at all points of the compass. I walked a 360 with the kite at the top of the window(s). The crispy ground surface had been mown since last week so no snagging issues today. Zens with green race, soundtrack Miles Davis “Kind of Blue”. All set for Portsmouth now after various changes in the line-up. I will be visiting Lytham St Anne’s on Sunday 2nd September ahead of the Dieppe event. I’m hoping that the issue between French Fliers and the Dieppe Organisation are resolved to everyone’s satisfaction before the event… Felix
  22. Some of us were south of the river yesterday afternoon/evening for the Devonshire Road Nature Reserve event… Blackheath today was looking very ‘summer’ dry. The surface was crunchy underfoot not least because I have full hearing after a month of cotton wool and eardrops. Zens and CR sail today mostly green race, a great combination! The circular nature of the wind direction kept us guessing as did the drying flowerheads and their propensity to snag lines at launch. We all succumbed at one time or another. Not a lot called today but we did have the sound sticks in action… Terry Riley and Steve Reich again. Felix
  23. It was a really delightful weekend in Ireland… The local aviation authority had designated kite flying permission up to 500 feet between midday and 5:00pm. So that is basically what we did. On Saturday the breeze was initially consistent from the SE but became minimal later. We kept the show on the road flying the Not Zens. A PA system was provided and we eventually found the audio connection and set about mirroring our recent Blackheath ‘method’ of running a medley of the teams familiar musical accompaniments along with some recent additions. Overall we had a lot of airtime. The breeze on Sunday was initially much stronger offshore NNE. During the course of the afternoon the potential onshore sea breeze occasionally prevailed but between times there were moments when the wind direction was changing by the minute. On Saturday we flew the JMH 1991 parafoil for an extended period from a ground anchor but on Sunday the turbulence early on proved to be too much. The CR ‘sun shade/kite storage facility’ in its new configuration worked perfectly even in the early blustery conditions on Sunday. Felix
  24. The final full weekend in June was another light wind day, thermaling around the compass. Just a bit of high level cloud mixing with con trails kept the full intensity of the sun at bay. I have done a bit more work on the ‘not tent/sun shade’ so that is all set for Tramore. Zens with green race today along with a Robertshaw with black race. We were on 120ft lines but mindful that we may need 100ft sets next weekend. Nothing called today but I did take the opportunity to use the sound system to play Steve Reich’s Pulse and Quartet that were released earlier this year. Just the odd swift today. Not as many as in previous weeks and probably fewer overall than in previous years. Felix
  25. monkey

    Apologies for the downtime!

    Note to self, test changes first...
  26. It was a bit of an ‘edge of seat week’ as it was apparent that there was very little or no wind at all in Moscow down on the river. Wednesday saw an improvement but by that point it was basically too late for creative work by the TV people. The chance of performing live on the Thursday evening had always been ‘remote’. Anyway, there was a breeze on Blackheath today from the west. At times it was too strong for 1.5 full sails and green race rods. Mid vents would have been better. We did get some called flying today, not least in response to passers by. Always amusing to explain how long we have been ‘doing this’. Almost all set for six in Tramore, Ireland, the weekend after next. Fine tuning packing is all that is required. Felix
  27. makatakam

    Handle size for rev ll ?

    Cool. Glad to hear you got some air time in. What length of handles are you using? I prefer 11-inch for the II-sized kites, but 13's should be ok, just keep the input gestures mild. Replace the bungee. If it's from the 90's it definitely needs to be replaced since rubber disintegrates quickly. It's 1/8 inch diameter and not expensive. It'll take you an hour or two but is well worth it. You'll be amazed at how much control you'll gain when you have some shock absorption to compensate for wind gusts. When you are laying out the lines don't worry about all the twists you see in the lines. Most of them are not really there. Just hook up the kite and handles and put tension on the lines. Voila, 99.9% of them disappear. The one or two that remain can be easily removed at the handle end by shuffling the handles around and through each other.
  28. Noel

    Handle size for rev ll ?

    Just finally successfully flew the rev2, had a good stiff wind for it. Took quite a few crashes to figure it out and loose that two line mentality. It's a blast, very quick and took very little input on the handles, looks like the upper bungees got a little sloppy or maybe the sail stretched out some was flying it in 15-20 mph gusts, think it's a kite from the 90's so I guess I have to expect some of that. Defiantely does not like turbulent air at all, never the less it was fun, now I just have to get better at line management, I kind of make a mess on them at first.
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