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      Greetings, we've received notice of a few forum members soliciting other users for specifications on some of the Revolution kites... Please be advised, any such confirmed activity will result in immediate suspension of forum privileges. Making your own Rev style kite for artisitic purposes is admirable, but directly copying the patterns in use will not be encouraged here.

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  2. Congratulations to Fletch (James Fletcher)

    Congratulations, Fletch!
  3. 2017 AKA Grand National Championships are over and the newest king of the wind is Fletch now, having won both the indoor single line and open (Indoor unlimited), as well as Freestyle (OIOU). He also came in second in MMB to Jon Trenepohl and together with his flying partner Melissa Harpster won the Pairs Multi-line Ballet too! It was my honor to witness his activities, an amazing journey in less than half a decade. His hard work & practice really showed, but you can't teach stage presence and he had that all on display in spades. His revs of choice for comps? The indoor and reflex RX models. Excellent job buddy and congrats!
  4. The day had started with clear blue sky but a dense layer of low cloud formed before we set off from Hackney. This cloud layer gradually broke up in the SW breeze and later in the day there was plenty of sunshine. Full vented kites with race rods were only occasionally slightly underpowered. We were talking again today about the merits of a mid vented sail and the cost of getting a team set for the rare occasions when they would be needed. Doubling up the the music playing device worked very well today once the technical issues were resolved finally. Martin has the reserved ‘seat’, of course… When it is working the web cam at Berck streamed via You Tube is very good. I hope that it will be in place for the kite event in April next year! A two hour window should work very well… Felix
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  6. @Rigspoliti_NC3 intet troværdigt ved den. Mailadresser, link etc. Alt er forkert.

  7. @markpalexander @grahambsi @Scientists4EU @WeNeedEU @weloveeconomics @fteconomics @BCG @tomstandage @FT… https://t.co/NkjGwrFHru

  8. The light west to north westerly breeze today was a bit elusive but there was some warm sunshine to make it feel less autumnal than might be expected for the OSOW weekend in the UK. Full sails with diamond LE and race uprights but we had one casualty with an awkward ground contact. Two clean breaks in one diamond spar! I’m wondering if they are still available? Some called moves today with a different soundtrack… Chris from Ireland (Ohio/New York) paid us a visit today having recently moved back to London. We will expect to see him on the kite circuit again! Felix
  9. What do I do in "not kite time"? I sling a guitar around...
  10. The weather had not looked promising but we were lucky with our usual timing. It was showery during the drive from Hackney but there was no rain on Blackheath. SSW with low clouds and the occasional brightness. The breeze was probably 12 mph with occasional higher spells so we were flying mid-vents with Race Rods. Nothing called today but we had musical accompaniment and the occasional passing murmuration of starlings. It seems very early but we are getting asked about plans for 2018. It is 30 years for the team so we might have to do something special <grins> Felix
  11. Video tutorial FLY 4 FUN by Guido Maiocchi

    Hi guys In the month August we published the following video clips: 28 August: MI 09 – Clock Tower - COMPULSORIES FIGURES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EJG_X8iKFc&index=148&list=PLrcalCNHjNMuWLNRhU3Du_lMaIKcjQgIC for download: http://www.stackitalia.com/videofly4fun/137-fly4funcompulsoryfigures.html 28 August: MI 27 - Up, Down, Up - COMPULSORIES FIGURES (new one) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eaq8ExCsP6k&list=PLrcalCNHjNMuWLNRhU3Du_lMaIKcjQgIC&index=154 for download: http://www.stackitalia.com/videofly4fun/137-fly4funcompulsoryfigures.html 28 August: Flic Flac in pair - MASTER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czx_r5By4RY&index=123&list=PLrcalCNHjNMuWLNRhU3Du_lMaIKcjQgIC for download: http://www.stackitalia.com/videofly4fun/103-fly4funmasterenglish.html have a nice flight Guido
  12. Video tutorial FLY 4 FUN by Guido Maiocchi

    another wrong post !! I don't know why my pc is no able to COPY AND PASTE a text on this topic ?? I will try again in the next days sorry guido
  13. Video tutorial FLY 4 FUN by Guido Maiocchi

  14. A mild sunny day with a gentle SE breeze today. Mostly blue sky with high cloud approaching very slowly from the west. Full sails with Diamond LE and Race uprights were just occasionally a little overpowered in the variable breeze. There were quite a few direction shifts suggesting thermals were passing by… After last weeks introduction to music on site, this week with the brighter weather brought out interested ‘passers by’ in greater numbers than we have seen in a long time. It was almost all called flying today interspersed with conversations with our audience. Quite a change… Felix
  15. Fishing, fossil hunting and target shooting. Oh, I forgot one: drinking beer.
  16. No posts for a long time so hoping to resurrect this thread. My 'other' hobbies are, Ham Radio ( G0PNM) making LED signs (tinyurl.com/g0pnm) and motorcycling (BMW R1200RT 90th Anniversary edition)
  17. Cheap but decent kite container.

    Thats a great idea! I have an Art Tube in the back of my wardrobe. Must dig it out!
  18. RT @LlewellynFalco: Global Day of CodeRetreat is Sat Nov 18 https://t.co/3tKkRz2dX8 find 1 near you. Can't find one? consider hosting one

  19. RT @twestmacott: Really excited (& bit nervous) - I'm starting tomorrow creating self-driving cars @_FiveAI !

  20. Back at the usual time and place today. NNW breeze was supposed to be 6mph but it was not consistent. Full sails with Diamond LE and Race uprights seemed fine when there was some air movement. Quite a bit of called flying today not least because we finally (after how many years?) acquired a viable rechargeable music playing ‘device’. Somehow, even for intermittent flying, having something to counter the A2 traffic noise was very welcome. Having been dazzled in the sunny intervals a rather dark cloud did produce a short shower that sent us on our way. The last few spots falling as we got back to Hackney… Felix
  21. Rev outlets in the UK

    We ship worldwide. Not sure if the extra shipping charges would be that much of a bargain over purchasing from Kiteworld though.
  22. RT @codurance: Video: @Sandromancuso Mars Rover exercise using Outside-In Classicist #TDD #Refactoring #SoftwareDesign https://t.co/C2vpvdg…

  23. Rev outlets in the UK

    Sorry Pete I'm in Australia.
  24. Rev outlets in the UK

    Hi all. Are there any other Rev stockists in the UK other than KiteWorld? I am looking to buy a Rev Spiderweb and hunting for a competitive price. Thanks Pete
  25. A music event on Blackheath meant that we had to find an alternative venue today. There was a pop-up running event on the Olympic park so we flew in the east end of Victoria Park. There was a running event in Victoria Park as well as a cricket match but there was still some space in the NE ‘corner’. The westerly breeze was somewhat erratic and gradually strengthening. Mid vents with race rods were OK most of the time. Nothing called but there was a sax, bass and drums combo that set up close by soon after we arrived so we had a live accompanyment. It was a pity that the breeze was not more consistent but in a tree lined area that is what would be expected. We should be back on Blackheath next weekend. Felix
  26. Global Rev Count.

    -1 (13) Rainbow Radical gone.

SSE breeze today, probably 10mph and upwards, not that I measured it, so full vents with race rods of various flavours. The approaching weather front which affected the rest of the country N,S and W looked threatening with slate grey clouds but the forecast held good and there was no rain on Blackheath while we were there! No calls again today, end of season discussions about recent events and thoughts about priorities for next year took precedence. We will not plan a formal team trip to Fanø next year as Cervia and Dieppe should be our main focus… Felix
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