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      Greetings, we've received notice of a few forum members soliciting other users for specifications on some of the Revolution kites... Please be advised, any such confirmed activity will result in immediate suspension of forum privileges. Making your own Rev style kite for artisitic purposes is admirable, but directly copying the patterns in use will not be encouraged here.

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  3. 18/03/2018

    I have been suffering from a bout of ‘flu’ for the last few days so, given the weather conditions today, did not venture out! Felix
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  5. I'm still here

    No way. my flying has been limited due to some health problems and a lot of life changes as well.I do fly my back yard.those who know me know my backyard. to comfort my brain of my everyday stresses .this is one of the things that I can never stop as a true kite addict that I am ..I flew my stallion yesterday and it still looks so beautiful in the wildwood skies.i still have my ol skool rev bag that is always by my side..one kite in my bag that my daughter loves Is my pink kitty ..not more then me however.im forever greatiful for all of you who enjoy the winds as much as I do.the photo here us in 2006 when I got my stallion..today it's still flying as well as always.one thing for sure I never forget all of you who I have flown and got to know as true friends I hope to hear from you all I miss you guys and girls of my flying family ..just wait my son Ethan is ready to fly as he has caught the rev fever
  6. I'm still here

    Read many of your posts over the years. During that time I got more seriously addicted to Revs. Wondered if you had stopped flying. Glad to see you back. SHBKF
  7. I'm still here

    Good to hear from you.
  8. Video tutorial FLY 4 FUN by Guido Maiocchi

    Hi guys, In the month January we published the following video: 14 January: Multiple Axel – MASTER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYl3ummYJvM&index=98&list=PLrcalCNHjNMuWLNRhU3Du_lMaIKcjQgIC for download: http://www.stackitalia.com/videofly4fun/103-fly4funmasterenglish.html have a nice day Guido
  9. Video tutorial FLY 4 FUN by Guido Maiocchi

    I have just red your post and thank you Onyx for your feed back. In this period of my life me and my wife are full of problems with our jobs and family, we have one girl of 15 and one boy of 12 that are making us a lot of problems, you know teenagers problems !?!?!?!? Any video I make for me it’s an hard effort. Guido
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  11. There was an easterly breeze again today c10mph but it was arriving from the Iberian peninsula not the Siberian north! Full vented 1.5 sails with race rods and the RSS kite once again. I have been filling a gap in my music history so today we had c1970s classical at length… Not too bad against the low grey clouds with brighter interludes, only a hint of higher humidity keeping it cool. Felix
  12. I'm still here

    What's up my fellow fliers I have been down and out for a while I had some life issues but I'm still here now that I'm back on my feet my son and I have been flying he is getting good on the revs and this year in wildwood I hope to have him and I on the beach flying ..It's such a great thing to see after all these years of flying to be doing it next to my first born ..nothing like it ..I have flown next to many but nothing like my little man who I hope will carry my love of flying into the future ..for those who know my stallion is now 12 years old and still flying strong I miss all of you and drop me an e mail. Revblast38@gmail.com. love and smooth winds to you all
  13. Southerly breeze 6-8 mph, about 9C and only a light occasional shower today! Quite a contrast to the weather during the week… I did not switch spars in the RSS kite today but it did keep on flying, albeit with a lot more input than a standard 1.5 sail with black race rods. Line sets ordered, kite sails in hand, events listed and just under six weeks before Berck… ‘Time to relax… and fly kites’ Felix
  14. Watch out. @Citymapper telling lies about @Se_Railway today. Many less trains running!

  15. Almost cloudless today but the sun couldn’t really help much in the strong easterly breeze. We did notice some possible thermal effect when the breeze dropped after shifting direction slightly. Xtra Vents again today and after re-adjusting my line set ‘considerably,’ in the case of one line, the RSS kite performed very well indeed. We switched kites around between fliers to understand a bit more about the ‘variable’ settings in use… New sails, Zens and 1.5 mid vents in JMH designs should make the trip from The Scilly Isles to San Diego before the end of this coming week. That will be something to focus our attention ahead of Berck! Felix
  16. Probably 8 mph gusting 15 mph today from the South with the temperature about 10C, so fairly benign for February in London… Mostly full vented 1.5s with race rods and the RSS with standard reflex spars. I am interested in the line settings for the RSS as it seems more sensitive to precise adjustment or maladjustment as the case may be with my current set. Time to get the ‘equaliser’ out really! Another flier put the RSS kite on their own lines and seemed perfectly happy with the overall performance compared to the full vent sail. We are in discussion about an event in Ireland at the end of June. Always good to go somewhere ‘new’. Felix
  17. Questions on first REV

    I liked the fields behind the Olympic Oval out in Kearns. It was close to my house (before I moved) and the terraced fields usually had at least one area with steady-ish winds.
  18. Delighted EXP newbie on NC coast

    Massive thanks for the kind response — and for the wisdom. I especially love “Smile, have fun and don't forget to breathe.” Wise words for every aspect of life. Thanks again — and very best wishes.
  19. Delighted EXP newbie on NC coast

    Hi, fwimmer, and welcome to the forum. Join us on the KiteLife forum also. Your experience with the dual-line probably helped a lot. It takes most people a bit longer to get comfortable with a Rev. Some people have a very hard time with it, struggling for quite some time before it "clicks". I'm glad that you are able to begin the journey so quickly -- and it is a journey, very much like the one you are on with your Jazz. There's so much you can do. The easiest way to learn new stuff is to try to feel it. In other words, don't overthink what you're trying to accomplish. Plus with the quad you can control the speed of the kite precisely. Doing things slowly until you build up the muscle memory is one advantage of quads. Good luck on your journey. Smile, have fun and don't forget to breathe.
  20. Just wanted to say how much I absolutely loved my very first Rev EXP yesterday. The wind was a bit sporadic and gusty, so the conditions weren’t quite ideal for a first attempt. My first 10 minutes or so were pretty sketchy. In fact, I was beginning to think I’d bit off a bit too much, having only flown a small 2-line stunt kite (Prism Jazz) previously. Finally, after about 15 minutes, everything just kind of clicked and I was amazed at how comfortable I was with my new Rev. Two hours flew by, and by the end of, I felt remarkably confident and comfortable flying. No doubt, I still have so much to learn, but couldn’t believe the EXP was truly as easy to fly — and every bit as fun — as reported online. Thank so much for making such a wonderful kite. I can’t wait for my next opportunity to get out there and gain some more skills. Meanwhile, my very first experience with a Rev was an exhilarating afternoon that I’ll never forget.
  21. Sunny to start but the convection clouds soon developed and eventually became an almost continuous cover. The westerly breeze was about 15mph but gusting considerably higher. Mostly Xtra Vents with four wrap spars (which were occasionally overpowered) but once again I was flying the RSS kite with the standard Reflex spars. In the higher gusts I definitely needed additional brake and it was clear that the ‘tractor’ like stability of the Xtra Vents did have some advantage that may or may not be countered by the lighter weight and speed of turns of the RSS kite. (A further brake step on the RSS kite may do the trick) Quite a bit of called flying today but it was limited by the ‘tired hand’ factor. The lack of warming sun eventually saw us packing a bit earlier than usual. As luck would have it traffic back to Hackney was slow today! Felix
  22. There were a few sunny intervals today when there was a perceptible warmth from the sun but it was mostly thick low clouds in the brisk and cold NE breeze. The forecast was for 13 - 26 mph but I don’t think that the gusts really approached 26 mph. Full vented 1.5s with green race and the RSS again but I went with the standard Reflex spars today. Speed and window were mostly consistent given it was mostly called flying today. The edge of window lulls had me needing to move quickly to get the sail moving but ironically in some of the gusts I felt that I could use more brake! The Portsmouth event is confirmed now so we only have a couple more events to finalise. Felix
  23. Mostly stable WSW breeze under cloudy sky today. 12mph (probably) gusting to c18 plus but only briefly. Mostly on 1.5 full vented with green race, (I didn’t look closely). I was flying the RSS with the ‘Diamond’ rods. There certainly seemed to be a good wind window match between these kites and when I added 2cm ‘forward’ on my line set others in the team found that this sail and configuration worked fine. I had also tightened the bungees reducing the sail profile deflection to about 2cm, probably less than half than with the factory setting. Nothing called today. We were looking out for the occasional breaks in the cloud… Invites have arrived for Berck and Cervia. Just need to get the ‘team’ up to speed! Felix
  24. RT @sandromancuso: Retro @codurance #openspaceday. Really great to see everyone. Had a fantastic time. It feels good to be part of it. Very…

  25. 21/01/2018

    For a while this morning it looked as if the forecast rain was going to arrive late. The radar showed a shadow effect persisting from St Albans down to East London. It was not to be; the initial rain really did close in and then turn to snowflakes in Hackney… Our plans for a mid vented 1.5 sail are almost finalised and they should be ready in time for Berck. We also have other sail projects in the pipeline for later in the year. The forecast, however unreliable at this distance, looks positive for next Sunday! Felix
  26. RT @MindSpigot: Naughty! Don't try this at home (unless you have a home bus stop). https://t.co/I1PuxtveZF

  27. From the web cam it looks like it was sunny all day in Berck. The initial brightness on the horizon just about reached Blackheath by the end of our session today. The predicted 2mph gusting to 0mph was about right so not a lot of called flying today. We were six up again and then Tom and Frances appeared en route to the north of England. It was an opportunity to catch up on planning details for 2018 events and for Tom to get back in on the line albeit briefly. Events for 2018 are shaping up. We just need to get some formal invitations in place now! Felix
  28. Zen/Black Diamond conversion

    My first coach was Jeffery Burka, an original early quad adopter (Rev flyer from the late 80's). He's a true flailer (if not the original) who flies UP WIND (one handed & talking to you whilst NOT watching the kite) most amazingly on a Rev2 sized format, if given a choice! If I own 60 quads, he's gotta' have more than that, after all I started in '93. His only revolution kite with sissy sticks also sports the french bridle pictured above,... it's a Zen! A long weekend at Dave Shenkman's kite-party gig in Huntington Beach convinced him of the need to match my loaner kite he was provided (honestly his logic? was "why bring no-wind stuff" to the west coast? seemed reasonable enough when packing. My Zens are like a driver's license to me, going where i do, so he got a spare) The Zen kite becomes a completely different animal with these modifications installed. The only reason I'm mentioning Jeff is because in the Zen's case these mods are WORTH the trouble to relearn techniques based upon different feel. You are taking a bi-plane and adding struts and guide wires between those too flexible wings, so it is instantly more maneuverable, tightly held and responsive with no tendencies like oversteer or lack of an adequate glide. NOTE: This set-up almost requires a larger steering wheel too. You ain't on a no stinkin' go-cart folks, it's more like darn school bus. Longer throw handles allow all of the slack tricks, at a very minimum, 15 inch no-snags. My favorites for that big ole Zen are 19 inch titanium grade 5 tubes, 3/8 inch in diameter with all of the "bend" placed near the top, using custom fishing grips provided by Glenn Haynes. Axels are timed with a sun-dial using 100 foot line lengths in a dead calm, you can even "change lanes" instead of rotating into the same position. Very much of a two handed operation to dial it around slowly (or aggressively) The Black Diamond Reflex tubes addition is very much in line with my expectations of a larger wind range and increased durability. Again thanks REVOLUTION!
  29. Zen/Black Diamond conversion

    Thanks for the good tip on boiling the fittings. First time I made a magic stick set up I tried to ream the hole in the fittings. Did not work too well with slightly over-sized drill bit but a larger tapered reamer finally cut the hole out a bit larger. Laying the kite flat on the deck as you show is a good hint also. I used my large table to lay mine out so I could get the lines symmetrical & tensioned very slightly . I guess you could tune a bit by adjusting how the sail laid on the table giving it a little arch if desired. But flat worked well & I was quite surprised at how much it changed the kite. The setup allowed me to fly a Rev on short lines in my front yard for the first time. Landing & taking off were so easy. Have not tried the French bridle, yet. SHBKF
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