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      Greetings, we've received notice of a few forum members soliciting other users for specifications on some of the Revolution kites... Please be advised, any such confirmed activity will result in immediate suspension of forum privileges. Making your own Rev style kite for artisitic purposes is admirable, but directly copying the patterns in use will not be encouraged here.

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  1. Yesterday
  2. High cloud and a light SW breeze to start today. Mostly 1.5 sails with diamond and race rods but I put up the standard Reflex as a reminder for the ‘feel’ of a larger sail. Just a small bit of called flying today with some musical background. We should be on site as usual on the next two weekends and hope to have a new kite to test fly at some point! The fast approaching slightly lower clouds partly prompted our departure today. It didn’t look particularly threatening but as soon as we were all in the cars it started raining… Felix
  3. Last week
  4. Video tutorial FLY 4 FUN by Guido Maiocchi

    Hi guys, In the month November we published the following video clips: 02 December: Revola – MASTER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIb-UF1PvsA&index=125&list=PLrcalCNHjNMuWLNRhU3Du_lMaIKcjQgIC for download: http://www.stackitalia.com/videofly4fun/103-fly4funmasterenglish.html 02 December: Revola landing – MASTER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyoeUVXOJxs&list=PLrcalCNHjNMuWLNRhU3Du_lMaIKcjQgIC&index=126 for download: http://www.stackitalia.com/videofly4fun/103-fly4funmasterenglish.html Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Guido
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  7. Earlier
  8. The forecast was such that we had decided against any attempt to fly today. The rain turned to snow shortly after 8:00am in Hackney and it was still falling at 1:00pm. There is no real accumulation as the temperature has been just above freezing point… A slow trudge in the slush proved the be hard work, not least because of the ‘age related slip fear’. I may have to forego the usual bicycle circuit on Monday if conditions do not change. Felix
  9. When to use Race Frame

    you can change how much it feels (pulls) by varying the amount of "down" tuned into the handles. Square to the wind = the maximum pressure (imagine a sheet of plywood in wind tunnel) By angling it either forward or backwards from square you can lessen the pressure,... one way makes it back-up better and one way makes it have less pull. Examples? Well if you were flying a stack it was pulling your arms out, you'd angle it towards more forward drive, it doesn't want to back-up as a stack anyway, so lessening the pull (not allowing the sail to arrive at square) is appreciated. On the other side is a competition flight for quad precision. You want it slow and precise, more "down" gives you that control. You want to flail away and do some tricks or slack line flight, more down is where it's at! Changing the leading edge stiffness also affects how fast the sail re-inflates if doing tricks, more bend is a quicker re-powered up. The other side of all that flex is "tracking". A stiff leading edge will stay on course once set into motion better. It will turn easier on the wind-tips and fly a nice straight line,... almost free! A heavier leading edge is great for catching the kite, a more flexible leading edge is great to throw and re-power it up at the ends of the line. No one framing solution fits every need, even in the same kite sail. I'd use the race frame whenever I wanted to do tricks or slack line flailing, the heavier frame in a team environment. My line sets would vary as well as the length of the handles too. Shorter handles/ longer lines on the stiff frame. Long throw handles and short lines on the flexible frame.
  10. When to use Race Frame

    4 wrap would be stronger for those stronger winds. The race frame will work best on the lower end of the wind range (under 12 mph). Usually it all depends on just how hard the kite is pulling and how much flex your frame is taking. If the leading edge is bowing a lot, it is usually time to go to the stronger frame.
  11. When to use Race Frame

    I purchased a B-Series Rev mid-vent Kite that came with a 3-wrap and Race frames. I've been using the 3-wrap and enjoying the heck out of it. I tend to fly when it's 10+ mph, never in light wind. (I just like the pull of a kite in stronger wind). My favorite wind is 15-20. Should I try the race frame? Is it too fragile for 10mph +? Will the kite fly ok? or should I be looking into getting a 4-wrap for the wind that I like to fly in?
  12. Low grey clouds and heavy drizzle at times today! The breeze was from the NW and mostly about 5mph so there was some lift available for the wet kites and lines. Full 1.5 sails, mostly with race rods worked with occasional wet face down moments. There were some issues with wet line wraps; somewhat inevitable, I guess… No calls and no tunes today, just the hiss of the traffic on the A2. Felix
  13. Mostly clear blue sky with a reasonably steady westerly breeze today. Mid vents with race rods were used but the one full vent was only occasionally underpowered. The fillers between the Decs tracks were supposed to have been edited out but somehow that hadn’t happened. Another try required but we put up with the drums today! Just the occasional call today and we finished when the tracks ran out and the occasional clouds began to become more frequent. Accidents at the Blackwall Tunnel meant that some of us took the scenic route home via Rotherhithe. Felix
  14. Variable cirrus and other high cloud today meant that there was no low cloud formation so some sunshine filtered through. The NW breeze was mostly at about 4mph but quite often dropped away after shifting towards the SW. Full 1.5 sails with diamond LE and race uprights were mostly OK but a few line catches proved to be ‘final’! Not much called today but we did have some of the team tracks playing. Felix
  15. Variable breeze from the NW today, sunny spells in between dark cumulus. We were on full vented 1.5 sails with race or 4 wrap spars. Xtra vents with race rods would have been a better set up as the wind speed was based around 15mph but was gusting much higher for extended periods. We had a ‘line’ incident’ at the start and the solution was to pull the lines tight together and then tease out the counter twists under pressure. There really was an actual crossed line at the core of the problem which was simply resolved by untying one line at the handle end while holding the line tension to the kite. Mostly called flying today, once we got started, with various tracks from the team music list. I had taken the precaution of wearing extra layers so remained reasonably comfortable. Others were less prepared for the 7C less windchill. Felix
  16. “That was not in the requirements” via @Gryffskin @Jtf #wrongkindofagile

  17. Video tutorial FLY 4 FUN by Guido Maiocchi

    Hi all, In the month October we published the following video clips: 15 October: COMBINATION Slide Axel + Dark Side – MASTER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctGpj0wT1cw&list=PLrcalCNHjNMuWLNRhU3Du_lMaIKcjQgIC&index=124 http://www.stackitalia.com/videofly4fun/103-fly4funmasterenglish.html 15 October: MI 35 - Two Rings - COMPULSORIES FIGURES (new one) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9l-iSPoie-s&list=PLrcalCNHjNMuWLNRhU3Du_lMaIKcjQgIC&index=158 http://www.stackitalia.com/videofly4fun/137-fly4funcompulsoryfigures.html ciao ciao Guido
  18. Clear blue sky to start but over the two hours on site the fine weather cumulus gradually built up in the WNW breeze. Full vented 1.5s with race rods were only occasionally overpowered. Mostly free flying but when we added some music to the mix there were a few calls as well. No issue with the site today. The breakdown and cleaning were well advanced… Felix
  19. Kite Lights

    Anyone still playing around with this idea? Being Alaska and having lots of darkness I'm not wanting to put my kites away lol
  20. @HaasF1Team I assume #kmag20 passed today’s test ? Fantastic

  21. We were on site at the normal time despite the clock change!
 Northerly breeze, probably 10 plus mph gusting higher so full vents with race rods. While the temperature did reach double figurers (centigrade) today I was glad of an extra layer, just in case! The clear-up after Blackheath Firework display may impact our regular flying site next weekend but the plan is to be there as usual… Felix
  22. It was not quite as windy as had been forecast but we still flew the Xtra Vents with 4 wrap spars today. While it was not actually ‘cold’ it was a timely reminder to layer up and remember the gloves, ‘just in case’. No calls and no music today. Just the whistling lines… We might be on site a bit early next weekend after the clocks change! Felix
  23. Congratulations to Fletch (James Fletcher)

    Congratulations, Fletch!
  24. 2017 AKA Grand National Championships are over and the newest king of the wind is Fletch now, having won both the indoor single line and open (Indoor unlimited), as well as Freestyle (OIOU). He also came in second in MMB to Jon Trenepohl and together with his flying partner Melissa Harpster won the Pairs Multi-line Ballet too! It was my honor to witness his activities, an amazing journey in less than half a decade. His hard work & practice really showed, but you can't teach stage presence and he had that all on display in spades. His revs of choice for comps? The indoor and reflex RX models. Excellent job buddy and congrats!
  25. The day had started with clear blue sky but a dense layer of low cloud formed before we set off from Hackney. This cloud layer gradually broke up in the SW breeze and later in the day there was plenty of sunshine. Full vented kites with race rods were only occasionally slightly underpowered. We were talking again today about the merits of a mid vented sail and the cost of getting a team set for the rare occasions when they would be needed. Doubling up the the music playing device worked very well today once the technical issues were resolved finally. Martin has the reserved ‘seat’, of course… When it is working the web cam at Berck streamed via You Tube is very good. I hope that it will be in place for the kite event in April next year! A two hour window should work very well… Felix
  26. @Rigspoliti_NC3 intet troværdigt ved den. Mailadresser, link etc. Alt er forkert.

  27. @markpalexander @grahambsi @Scientists4EU @WeNeedEU @weloveeconomics @fteconomics @BCG @tomstandage @FT… https://t.co/NkjGwrFHru

  28. The light west to north westerly breeze today was a bit elusive but there was some warm sunshine to make it feel less autumnal than might be expected for the OSOW weekend in the UK. Full sails with diamond LE and race uprights but we had one casualty with an awkward ground contact. Two clean breaks in one diamond spar! I’m wondering if they are still available? Some called moves today with a different soundtrack… Chris from Ireland (Ohio/New York) paid us a visit today having recently moved back to London. We will expect to see him on the kite circuit again! Felix
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