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      Greetings, we've received notice of a few forum members soliciting other users for specifications on some of the Revolution kites... Please be advised, any such confirmed activity will result in immediate suspension of forum privileges. Making your own Rev style kite for artisitic purposes is admirable, but directly copying the patterns in use will not be encouraged here.
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24/09/2017 Blackheath

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A mild sunny day with a gentle SE breeze today.  Mostly blue sky with high cloud approaching very slowly from the west.

Full sails with Diamond LE and Race uprights were just occasionally a little overpowered in the variable breeze.  There were quite a few direction shifts suggesting thermals were passing by…

After last weeks introduction to music on site, this week with the brighter weather brought out interested ‘passers by’ in greater numbers than we have seen in a long time.  

It was almost all called flying today interspersed with conversations with our audience.  Quite a change…


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